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April 30, 2024 // Oliver

Here’s What Works

Better websites through better questions

If you’ve ever crowdsourced marketing/web/media wisdom from the internet, you’ve probably discovered how much of it is unreliable. What might be useful under other circumstances just doesn’t work for you.
     A few things nearly always work, but are frequently overlooked.

Slow Down and Ask Questions

This is critical, even when time is short. We’ve saved more time by slowing down than by most shortcuts we’ve tried. Some of the most important questions to answer start with Who, What, What, and How?

  • Who am I talking to? (the key audience, and it's never everybody)
  • What do they currently think, feel, believe about my product or service?
  • What do I want them to think, feel, believe, and DO as a result of this communication effort?
  • How will I measure success and what is that worth to me?

Test your Assumptions

Admittedly, testing is one of the hardest steps to take, but it’s the one that provides the greatest return on investment. This is especially true when you’ve operated your business for a while and have well-developed assumptions about your audience, market, or brand.
     Valid test results start with well-formed tests, and vary widely with the idea being tested. One of the most effective and easiest to implement testing processes involves A/B and Multivariate testing in a web environment where there is sufficient traffic for statistically significant conclusions.

Identify the Alternatives

There’s always another option, starting with “do nothing.” Here are a few common options and corresponding risks for developing or replacing a website:

  1. Do Nothing. This is probably the most common, but the actual cost can be substantial. If you have no website or a broken one, you may be delisted from public search engines, represented by inaccurate information you can’t correct, and missing vast amounts of business leads. Failure to act becomes failure to thrive over time.
  2. Get free help from a family member or friend. Results vary from wonderful to disastrous, but only time will tell. If you go this route, mitigate your risk by asking for a list of recent websites and testing them with tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see how they rank against standards. The real cost of this solution is typically the lost time and effectiveness until you’ve hired a professional to replace this “free” effort.
  3. Build my own website using a template service like Squarespace or Wix. This might be the best option for a cash-strapped startup, but it’s never the cheapest option when time is factored in. A recent review of our past 30 projects revealed the average time needed for website development was 75 hours. Even at minimum wage, that's close to $800. Add in high monthly fees and maintenance over time, and professional services become a good value. And don’t forget that a professional can build this faster than you can.
  4. Hire a Professional. The challenge here is to separate the pros from the “learn-as-I-gos.” As with most things in life, Experience is the biggest differentiator. Would you want a brain surgeon who’s never operated before?

Learn from Other People’s Mistakes

Why do successful businesses budget for marketing? Because experience comes at the cost of painful mistakes. Thinkfeelrespond has 40+ years of collective marketing, branding, and web development experience that comes free with every project we do. Give us a chance to earn your business, and you’re likely to join the 95% of clients who stay with us over time.

Executive Summary

Marketing Communications and Websites are high-risk ventures: the cost of doing them poorly or not at all may significantly exceed the dollar-cost of expert services. Professional websites can address tactical needs (lead-generation, recruitment, sales) while delivering increased brand value and strategic guidance for your business.

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